When I Knew You Were Coming

When I found out you were coming I think I experienced what all brand new mothers-to-be experience…joy, fear, happiness, fear, excitement, fear, and the need to test again. 🙂 Because of our journey with infertility, I had been tracking everything about me so I knew this day I would either test positive or start my period. I was nervous to test but needed to know because I had promised Zak and Maddie that we would go swimming that day and wanted to be prepared.

I woke up around 6:00 AM and knew I should test with the first morning’s potty break (little did I know how much time I would be spending with the potty). I tested and put in my contacts for the day. That was enough time for the test to turn positive! Again, I was in shock and overwhelmed that our journey together started right then. I wanted to run and tell Mike until I remembered he wasn’t in bed…he wasn’t even home…or even in the state…or the country. Mike was in Canada! I decided not to call him and tell him because I wanted to see his reaction in person. And did I mention I was in shock and didn’t fully believe this was reality, let alone my reality.


Dealing with infertility has taught me a lot (that’s an understatement) but I knew that you can get false positives so I decided I needed another, more expensive test before I would believe it. I decided to do what I imagine other women in my position have done…I went back to bed and googled, “First things to do when you find out your pregnant”. Oh, and I told Boston he was going to be a big brother–he was pretty excited about the news. 🙂

The kids got up and we made breakfast like we always do on Saturdays and then prepared to go swimming. Not noteworthy but Zak had been given two pairs of goggles to use and we broke the strap on both pairs when fitting them to his head. So we went to Target to see if we could find some in October. I wanted so badly to pick up some pregnancy tests but the desire was diminished when I realized I didn’t want to explain to them why I needed them. 🙂

Target was a bust so we headed to a sporting goods store and found him a pair. Then headed to visit Nicole at work prior to heading to the pool. I felt giddy–like I knew a secret no one did. Long story short–we went swimming and it was really fun. But then I needed to ditch the kids to go to back to Target for the essentials.

The essentials included (what I deemed) fancy pregnancy tests and a onesie. I decided that’s how I would tell Mike. I found something somewhat gender neutral and it got the message across that I wanted–but I still had to wait another 36 something hours before I’d even see him to tell him. Oh, and I went home and immediately took the test. It read clear as day –pregnant!


Mike was flying home on Sunday and I had a meeting I had to attend so his parents picked him up. But we didn’t have any alone time until late that night. He came home bearing all sorts of goodies and gifts for everyone. Eventually we got the kids to bed and we were getting ready for bed and I was so nervous!

Earlier in the week, I had been incredibly grouchy and figured this must be what PMS feels like. Since I don’t have regular or even semi-regular periods I’ve never had PMS before. I told Mike that I felt badly about my behavior and wanted to apologize. I even had a peace offering from Boston and I. I had wrapped up the positive test in the onesie–I was so sure I was going to knock it out of the ballpark with my reveal. However, it was a total Pintrest fail!

Mike opens up the gift and I’m sporting some stupid/giddy smile. The test rolls out of the onesie which he is holding up and reading, “Nap Like a Boss”. (A little explanation–we call our dog Boss and if he isn’t running around like a maniac, he is sleeping.) He looks at me with a smirk on his face and says, “Babe, are you pregnant?” And I’m shocked that he can’t read the test which clearly reads positive–afterall it’s partly why I bought the fancy, digital test because I didn’t think he’d understand what all the lines on the other test meant.

I shook my head yes and told him to look at the test. And guess what…it was BLANK! Completely blank! Haha and now I understood his confusion. Apparently the test only displays for 24 hours or so. But the message was clear even if the test wasn’t and he was really excited!

(This was taken the next morning with the redo test.)

So little baby, as scared and nervous as I am, I can not wait to meet you in person! You probably will never understand the yearning in my heart as I’ve waited and wanted you to come. I wasn’t always sure you’d come but I couldn’t be more thrilled to learn you’re coming. I love you already! I hope you have your daddy’s eyes. I hope to teach you your true identity and worth. I hope I make you proud. I hope and dream and pray for so many things but for right now, I hope you make it here safely. Your mom and dad already love you more than we can express. Oh, and I hope you’re ready to run lots of miles with me! 🙂


Sea World, Orlando — 2016

Mike and I were able to visit Sea World Orlando while visiting Florida. We’ve visited before but always enjoy the park.

We decided to feed some of the animals. First, we got to feed the sting rays.  Here’s the grub!


Mike showed no fear!

And the string rays ate it up! They’re fun to feed because they suck up the food like a slippery

Jessie’s turn!


We also got to feed the sea lions and seals. As usual there were super aggressive bird waiting to snatch your fingers off all to get the fish. We love the sea lions and they remind us of our dog Boston–is that weird?


Dolphins are my favorite. They are such kind and gentle animals. I also love their ability to interact with us humans.


Mike loves the killer whale show. They truly are beautiful animals.


No big deal–just a walrus doing sit ups! I was impressed.


We also got to feed the sharks but it wasn’t that exciting because you just threw the fish in the water and watched the sting rays eat them. There was also a boy who knocked our tray into the exhibit! He didn’t apologize or anything.


The manatees are also a favorite. All the manatees at Sea World Orlando are all rescues. They rehabilitate and release the ones they can.


We also love the roller coasters in Orlando. We especially love the Manta!

It was a great few days spent walking around and being amazed by some of God’s greatest creatures.

Puppy Pool Time!!

Utah lake has been quite sick this year. I think it started with a pocket here and there of illness and then it became the full blown yuckiness. The lake has had a blue algae– now this doesn’t sound so bad, maybe even sound pretty…but it’s not. It’s toxic! And it was so bad that they shut down the lake.

This has made for one sad Boston. He’s a natural born swimmer. Really, he took to the water like a you’d expect a duck to take to water. Side note–he especially likes the water when it’s full of ducks. Each summer we’ve taken him swimming multiple times at this little pond/lake. But given the wide spread nature of the TOXIC algae, it just wasn’t worth the risk.

We were so excited when we saw that the Provo Rec Center was hosting a dog swim day. The regular, human season had ended so prior to draining the pools they invited all the puppies to come and play. Even though we had a ton going on, we made it a priority to go.


We got stopped in the parking-the very full parking lot-by a human patron and he asked us what was going on with all the dogs. It should have felt more strange to explain that we were all there to pay for our dogs to swim in the human pool. But when you love your pup, you let go of some dignity in these situations.


It was a blast! Boston was so excited when we unleashed him. He would run around and say hi to the other pups and then realize he had lost his parents and start searching the humans for us. (Yes, I attribute human characteristic to my pup…remember that whole dignity thing?)


He spent most of his time swimming in the small pool where the slides came out. I think the event provided dog toys for us to throw in the water for the dogs to fetch. At least I hope it was the event or else we constantly were stealing someone’s dog toys.


Boston seemed so happy and really didn’t want to leave. We tried 3 times to leave and eventually had to leash him up to let him know we were serious. It was great to see him in his natural swimming state in the man-made swimming pool. It really wore him out. He was pooped. 🙂


Cute sleeping puppy!


They said this will be an annual event and you can be sure that we’ll be there, in line, paying for our dog to swim in the human pool. 🙂

Race Recap: Nebo Half Marathon & a big PR!

Saturday, September 3rd I raced in the Nebo Half Marathon. This came as a suggestion from several friends who said it was a fast course. I signed up nearly a year ago and just knew I would be dedicated and put in the training to run a fast half. :/

I should know myself better by now and know that consistent training isn’t something I’m good at. But I figured I had ran Timp Half about a month ago so I should be fine.

As usual, it was a very early morning but I slept pretty good…like a solid 3 hours. That’s a big deal on race morning. I was able to snag a ride from my friendly neighbors again (seriously they’re the best). And before I knew it we were on the first bus up the canyon. I’ve never been on the first before; normally I’m running to catch the last one. You couldn’t help but notice how steep the canyon was. This was both exciting and terrifying.


Since I had nearly two hours before the start of the race, I pulled up myself a nice piece of gravel and plopped down by the fire. It was fun chatting with the other runners. I talked with two girls who were still pretty new at distance races and they were so nervous. It reminded me a lot of myself with my friend  Bethany, the awesome (but really, she is awesome) a few years ago.

After a long wait for the porta potty it was time to go. I had decided I would just run whatever pace my body wanted to go. In the back of my mind though, I kept hearing myself say, “If you’re going to PR this year, this is it”.  The gun went off and I started running.


I didn’t want to stay with a pacer but knew which pacers I wanted to stay in front of. This proved to be helpful as things got a little tough near the end of the race. At mile 2.89 I looked at my watch and thought, “Crap this is steep”. My legs were feeling all that downhill and I wasn’t even 1/4 of the way done. That’s what you get for not training I suppose. So like all champions (not) I put on my big girl pants and kept running.

I didn’t want to psych myself out so I tried not to look at my watch but knew my pace was moving quick. I learned a trick about downhill running from a coach at the St. George Marathon expo a few years ago and tried to implement it. She taught Bethany and I to treat running downhill as if it were a controlled fall. Not to brake by heel striking but actually lean into the pavement. It works! That marathon we both felt great–no quad shredding that year.

So I tried my best to “control-fall” my way down this steep and winding canyon. I really tried to enjoy the beauty of the canyon with the leaves starting to turn. Appreciating fall comes naturally to some but for me and my love of Summer, it makes me sad. 😦 So, yes, I tried to look at the fall colors and appreciate the beauty.


Anyway, it felt like I flew down the canyon and figured I’d hit the wall at 10 like usual. 10 was when the rolling hills started–it was tough to go up after all that down. This is where I met a guy who kept giving me encouragement all the way to the finish. He was breathing really hard though so I’m not entirely sure if the encouragement was for me or him. Either way I appreciated it. Also, there was a guy behind me that at every mile marker he would make a whooping/celebratory sound. I always raised my arms up because he was expressing what I was feeling.

Around 10ish is when I realized I hadn’t seen the 1:50 pacer yet nor been passed by the 1:55 pacer. I was on course to PR so I pushed out what I had. We finished with a 3/4 lap around the track which I always like because it inspires me to give all I have (you know, back to my track sprinting glory days).


I finished with a new PR of 1:50:26! This was amazing! I actually felt disappointed that I wasn’t more excited. But that could be because Mike wasn’t at the finish to celebrate with me…or anyone. This is the first race that Mike didn’t come to…or is it the second…I don’t know but it’s unusual for him to miss. It just didn’t feel the same without him.


I found myself my favorite chocolate milk and creamies. Took some victory photos and waited for others I knew to come in. I got to welcome Sheila in (aka running mom). It’s always a pleasure to see and catch up with Sheila. She’ll be running her 10th St. George Marathon this year. She’s amazing.


I was excited to share my PR with my running peeps who actually care; or at least they make me feel like they care about my running.

It was a beautiful, fast course just as promised.

Blog posts coming soon to a device near you…

We’ve been talking about starting this blog for months. Now that it’s officially begun, I’m trying to figure out how to categorize and organize the plethora of thoughts going on inside my head. Jessie is on top of her running experiences and posts about the dog, and is beginning to compile some posts about our most recent trip to Disney World.

Up until this point in our marriage, we have been pretty terrible when it comes to keeping records of the experiences we have had. For me personally, keeping a journal has never been something I’ve been good at.SAM_5789

We have done a lot in the last 5 1/2 years, and we literally have a folder on our computer with a bazillion photos in it that do nothing but hide there. Those photos are lonely and want to be shown, so hopefully as we keep writing, more of them get to be released and experience the freedom the exists outside of the lonesome hard-drive.

Part of me wants to look through everything we have done together and write a long post just summarizing events, vacations, celebrations etc., all in retrospect. Unfortunately we have probably lost memory of the “fine” details of those experiences, but hopefully our photos will help us remember the highlights.

What I don’t want to do is spend all my time playing catch up. Life is happening so fast, that I don’t want to miss out on the present just so i can reflect on the past. I guess I have to find a good balance in life as I reflect on my history, take advantage of NOW, and plan for the future.

So with all of that said, what I plan to do is write whatever is on my mind, when I have the time. Some posts will be reflection, others about current events, and then some about hopes and dreams for the future.

I don’t know who out there is going to read this, but I mostly want to keep a record of my life that I can look back on every now and then. I’m also excited that I might be able to help others in some way, by something I write. My life has been full of the good, bad and everything in between so hopefully my posts can help others- especially my friends and family- get to know me better and understand what it is that I enjoy, believe in, and live for.

Jessie and I are finding everyday that we are interested in all sorts of different things. Between the two of us we cover a lot of ground. While our individual blog posts may have some common themes, I don’t know that I’ll be writing about, let’s say, running, anytime soon. At the same time, I don’t think Jessie will be writing about architecture and design, or what she wants to see
done in the backyard. Ultimately this blog is going to cover all sorts of random topics, because that’s just who we are.

So this is where I begin. I’ve cleared the cobwebs out of my head and can begin to focus on the fun stuff. Hopefully you enjoy reading it and getting to know me a little better. I promise not all my posts will be endless text and only a few photos;)SAM_5919


First Blog Post!

First blog post!

We’re excited to be joining everyone else in society who has a blog. Like most social trends, we are slow to get on board. Except for Pokemon Go–I was happy to download an app that got people to join me in walking the dog for an hour each night.

Here’s a rare moment caught between beast and Pokemon!


We intend to use the blog mostly as a journal but we welcome our family and friends to follow along on our adventures!