Rock Climbing and Running

We belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints…are you singing this yet?! Aka we’re Mormons! We have gotten many opportunities to serve in our Church but by far our favorite callings are with the youth. I think this is because we’re still pretty much kids ourselves except we have big kid jobs and pay bills.

I get to serve with the Young Women in my ward and it’s my favorite! These girls have touched my heart and changed my life is ways I never thought possible. They teach me a ton and in return I try to teach them some things along the way too. Things like, you can do the things you didn’t think you could even if you’re scared. We’ve started a tradition and once a year we go rock climbing. This year was our third year going to a local place called Hansen Mountaineering.

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This is a great place to go because we can rent the whole facility, they provide the equipment and they take such good care of us.


They have redone the wall since we were there last (a year ago) but I managed to make it up one of the easier walls. Which by the way was not easy at all! I figured that I work out and watch American Ninja Warrior I’ll basically own the place however, that wall put me in my place.

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Where I really excel though is repelling! I love to repel! Sure you have to work up the nerve to climb the ladder and then throw those nerves over a wall and upside down. But I love the thrill of it and showing off a little. I gotta prove I’m cool, ya know?

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This is my friend Marie. She’s awesome! And the only adult I’ve gotten to go do the high repel with me. She also went upside because she’s cool like that. She also made me stay up on the wall until I reached the top even after I wanted to quit. She’s the best!


I want to share one last experience from the night. We had a young women join us who is visiting her grandparents that live in our ward. She really wanted to go off the lower repel but was terrified and I mean TERRIFIED! It took her two tries to climb up the ladder because she was so nervous. The guy from the store helped hook her in the belay device and walked her through the process of getting over the edge. And she looked terrified…did I mention that yet? After much coaxing and positive talk, she was able to push through her fear (Marie proved her worth here as she helped talk the girl through it) and slowly get down the wall and I doubt I’ll forget the relief that flooded her face when her feet touched the ground. She was so proud of herself and she should be. She faced her fear and kicked it in the face. It was awesome! That is just one of the many reasons I love working with the youth. It’s such a great experience to see them facing fears and conquering them then gaining confidence.

Don’t we look legit?!

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Even though I was sore and tired, I woke up this morning and decided an outside run was in order. It’s been crazy hot in the mornings here but today was only in the mid 70’s when I decided to go run. I ran from my office to Liberty Park; it’s 4.5 miles roundtrip. This route is one of my favorites because it’s populated with lots of runners/walkers/skaters, beautiful scenery, and a natural spring that I can snag a drink from along the way.

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One of my other reasons I love this park is all the dog walkers! So many breeds and sizes with responsible owners. As a dog owner and runner this is a big deal to me. I love dogs but really I love well behaved dogs. And as the owner of a crazy, energetic pup, I totally understand how much work goes in to training your dog to be socially appropriate. But it’s totally worth it! It’s also a work in progress and they learn and forget just like we do. (I realize there are no dogs in the picture below…I’m still working on the “I’m taking a creepy picture of you and your dog” photos). Maybe next time 🙂

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A little inspiration for all you runners and non-runners alike!


I always feel bad when I go running without Boss so I made sure we gave him a good walk tonight. He’s such a happy pup! Apparently the aliens are coming through the TV or the claw has chosen him–I’m not sure which.

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Anyone else love American Ninja Warrior? 

What experience have you had that showed yourself you could do something awesome?