Camping Trip! Part 2: Cascade Springs and a Little Bit of Luck

As part of our trip we visited Cascade Springs. It was just a short drive on the ATV’s down the road to the trail head. Again, no worries, the baby and Boston got a ride in the Jeep with Mike.

File_005 (3)

I’ve never been here so I didn’t really know what to expect. It was gorgeous!

File_007 (2)

A sign told us 7.5 million gallons of water pass through the springs every day! Every day!

File_004 (3)

I’m not sure why I thought it was a good idea to bring the dog other than we couldn’t leave him back at camp by himself. He made it about .02 seconds before jumping into the first pool we came to. Oops! I didn’t take a picture because I was too busy being judged by the people who saw this. 🙂

File_006 (3)

They had a paved trail that created a loop system that you could walk on to the various pools. It really was beautiful. We forgot a carrier for the baby so he got carted on a hip for the journey. I don’t think he cared one bit about being cuddled the whole time.

File_002 (4)

As we were leaving, Maddie decided to cross the river on the logs–not on the bridge like a normal person. Zak was a good big brother and showed her how it was done. Maddie made it about .08 seconds before she fell off the log into the river.

File_000 (9)

She made a quick recovery and said, “No, I can do this.” Ok baby girl–even when you’re soaking wet, we’ll still love you.

Now, don’t let this baby’s cuteness fool you. He can be a real stinker–literally. Ok, so he’s basically the perfect baby. Eats, sleeps, and is happy all the time but sometimes he can render grown adults helpless. Now this story is a little graphic and not for the faint of heart –myself included here.

On the first night we noticed a little stinky stink and couldn’t blame the dog since he wasn’t around so it had to be the baby. Since Mike and Nicole were busy I thought I’d be helpful and offer my diaper changing services. I started unraveling the layers of clothes and made my way to the diaper to discover, yup he’s poopy. I took a deep breath and reminded myself that I could do this. I started cleaning the baby only to realize the poop was everywhere! Poop up his back. Poop down his legs. So much poop! He’s also at the stage where he doesn’t like sitting still to get a diaper change so before I knew it I was holding up a poopy baby and cried out–in giggles–for help. The giggles hit fast, like a puma, and I couldn’t see due to the tears streaming down my face. Help came and Mike kicked me out of the process. He said I wasn’t helpful and just smearing not cleaning. Let it be known that Mike will handle parenthood better than I will. And Nicole’s a champ after having raised two babies.

File_001 (5)

I got the giggles over the baby a second time. We nicknamed him the “beat-boxing-baby”. He went on a two minute string of beat boxing type sounds and it was epic! The kids got a career. I took a short video of it but the blog won’t let me post it…maybe it’s time to upgrade.

While watching the Olympics tonight a lady bug landed on Mike. I really hope it’s good luck. We could use some luck this week.

Uh, Mike…it’s a lady bug…they bring good luck no need to be afraid.


That’s better. Happy face 🙂

File_000 (1)

And a daily dose of cuddling with Boston who is not loving all the Olympic watching. Mom and Dad on the couch means no long walk for him. Sorry buddy–we’ll get back to normal in another week.


Anyone want to walk my dog?!

Favorite camping spots?

Annual Camping Trip + 4 Wheelers Part 1

We had our family camp out this past weekend and it was awesome! By family I mean my sister and the kids, Boston, Mike, and my other nephew (he’s the cutest baby!)

We went to a place called Little Deer Creek Campground. The trip started off a little rough as there was a bad accident up Provo Canyon and it took us 45 minutes to get a few miles up the canyon. I literally could have ran faster than we drove. But when you’ve got this tongue in your face, how can you complain? Ok, I complained.

File_005 (4)

We’ve never been to this campground before but we went because rumor had it they had awesome ATV trails. However, we may have underestimated the road conditions to get there. It was a dirt road, paved road (sort of) and extremely rocky dirt road. With each bumpy mile I was more impressed with my sister’s minivan which also made the journey.

We saw our first sign of wildlife…running right in front of us. Boston went crazy over the deer. He was already hanging out the window but tried to climb out to go meet his would-be friend Bambi.

File_004 (4)

We got settled into camp Friday night and we were all hungry so dinner was served…not! We had planned pita pizza pockets (a great camping meal I learned from a friend) however, we didn’t have a lighter or matches. We had a lighter that sort of sparked. We were going to settle with ham and cheese sandwiches when we realized we didn’t have bread. Things were going well 🙂 Then I remembered we had gasoline! Mike poured some on the wood and paper towel, got a spark from his lighter and boom! A big blazing ball of fire…pizza was served.

We sat and chatted around the fire until it died out. We showed the kids some of the constellations we could find. Then we tried to sleep. Mike and I had the baby and the dog in the tent with us. I’ll sum it up by saying my FitBit told me I slept 2 hours and 55 minutes that night. The baby was pretty great. He was up once to eat some food and back to bed. The dog however…he struggles when he’s excited and wants to play (think Ana here “the sky is awake so I am awake”). He made it until about 3:30 AM when he decided he was done sleeping. Thankfully Mike was up at 6 with both the dog and the baby. He’s the best!

Saturday morning Nicole, the kids, and Mike headed out for their first ride. No worries, the baby didn’t go. He’s such a smiley baby!

File_002 (5)

I stayed back with the sleeping baby and pup. This was my view from the tent.

File_003 (4)

They came back from their ride boasting about an incredible view so I was not going to miss out. Mike took me up the trail to check out this view. This is overlooking Heber Valley.

File_001 (6)

We went a little further up the road and met a family whose vehicle had a flat tire. They didn’t have a jack to raise up their Land Rover so we graciously helped out. We rode back to camp to get a jack they could use but not without leaving my little adventure buddy behind. This little girl was always willing to go out on the 4 wheelers.

File_008 (1)

She got a little impatient (no surprise there) but we explained that we help people who need help when we can. After changing their flat tire, they learned their spare also had a flat. Oh no! We felt terrible for them. They were great people and the situation was just unfortunate. We saw them later in the day and found out they got new tires.  Yea!

File_009 (2)

Did I mention the view we had from up here? This is overlooking Deer Creek Reservoir.


It was a fantastic day full of adventure as Onix and Brutus took us over miles of rocky trails.

On a different note, my workout consisted of a 20 minute HIIT leg workout followed by 30 minutes of sprints on the treadmill which watching the Olympics! Nothing can inspire you more while sprinting than watching people achieving their dreams.

Any favorite ATV trails?

What was your workout today?