We’re the Sroufe’s! Yes we have a unique name. It’s pronounced SR–OH–PH…it’s the SR and the U that gets people. We really can’t think of any other words that start with SR, except Sri Lanka. But really, everyone says it wrong, in fact, we don’t know if we say it right. So call us what you like, we’ll understand.

A bit about ourselves. I, Mike, was born in Oroville, CA, but only lived there a couple years. My family then moved to a small town in Utah called Delta, where we spent 4 years. Eventually, we found our way to Orem, UT which is where I’ve been ever since… Good thing too because that is where I met all my lifelong friends and my amazing wife… but we’ll get to that story later. Currently (July 2016) I am attending the University of Utah and studying Architecture, and thankfully I only have one more year left for my Master’s. I work at an Architecture Firm in Salt Lake City and love the work I do. Outside of work and school, I enjoy just living life… whether it’s cleaning the house, working in the yard, traveling, building something, or just hanging out with the dog, life has been pretty good to me.

Now for me….Jessie! I was born and raised in Orem and didn’t leave until I went to the beautiful land of Idaho. I spent two years in college at BYU-Idaho only to return to Provo and attend BYU where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. I work for a commercial real estate company–yes, you read that correctly. One day I’ll figure out what I’m going to do when I grow up. I love my family, spending time outdoors, vacations, and of course my Boston (aka the dog). I really enjoy running and love to take the pup with me. He protects me from all the real wild beasts…you know, like spiders and parked cars.

We love all things Disney and having an adventure whenever we can find one!