28 Weeks and Welcoming the Third Trimester

28 weeks and counting down! Is it too soon to say that? Probably but I am.


2 more weeks down and still feeling pretty good. Baby boy is still breaking his momma’s back. He is sitting high and I think that’s contributing to my daily back pain. I’ve started switching between two chairs at work. Each offer different lumbar support so when my back is aching from one, I switch to the other.

Baby boy is really active…but that seems unfair to say as I’ve never done this before so I have nothing to compare it with. There are definite times when he is awake and when he is sleeping. He usually is quiet for a while after I run. I tell myself I’m rocking him to sleep so I’m hoping that he’ll enjoy a bouncer as it will remind him of the miles we’ve covered together while in the womb. But feel free to tell me that’s hopeful wishing.

I’m currently (4/8/17) sitting in the hospital lab to complete the glucose test and get my rhogam shot. I’m apart of the unlucky portion of people who are RH negative. This means I don’t carry a protein in my blood that most people do. This doesn’t effect my life at any other time except pregnancy. Since most people are positive–Mike included– the doctor assumes the baby will be positive. Since there’s a chance that we’re opposite RH factors, if our blood were to mix my body would recognize the baby as a type of infection and start attacking him. Obviously, this is a problem. So I have to get a shot which will help my prevent my body from developing the antibody which would attack him. Typically this doesn’t effect first pregnancies but can be a serious problem in later pregnancies if the antibody is developed. At birth, they’ll test baby boy and if he’s negative, then I get off scotch free. If he is indeed positive, then I get to have another shot. Lucky me, I know.

–Update– This shot was such a pain to get. 3 trips to the hospital and all but begging the nurse to give it to me because I was running out of time to get it. After your blood draw you have 72 hours to get the shot or they have to retest your blood. It was so frustrating but the actual shot was no big deal. Glad it’s over.

I was dreading drinking the glucose mixture having heard how awful it is. But I didn’t think it was all that awful–except that it was orange flavored which is in my top 3 least favorite flavors. I don’t drink soda but I can’t imagine it’s any more sweet than drinking  one of those–again, correct me if I’m wrong. Now it’s over, I’m dreading the blood draw more than the drink.


The last two weeks have continued to go well. I saw my Dr and he said everything is going well. Baby boy was measuring a week ahead but that shouldn’t be a surprise as his daddy is a giant.

I have been really congested all the time but especially at night. Apparently this is a very normal symptom of pregnancy that no one talks about! This is causing me to become quite the drool monster at night as it forces me to breath with my mouth open–you wanted to know that I’m sure :).

Running is still going well. I’m having some trouble with my hip flexor — I think I strained it a few weeks back and it’s taking forever to heal. Running each morning is still one of my favorite things to do. I have more energy when I run. (I’ve never quite understood how exerting yourself in exercise, using energy, somehow gives you more energy. My back doesn’t ache as much when I run. And it helps me feel like me. Everything in pregnancy is about helping your baby grow and develop that it’s nice to have something that is mine.  Yes exercise is good for him, but it’s really great for his momma.

At some point though I am going to have to quit running and be forced to find some other form of exercise…any suggestions?

Quick update on Mike–he is in his last month of architecture school and yes we’re counting down the days!!! He graduates in less than a month! But that also means he’ll be extremely busy for the next month. He’s designing a school with apartments on top in Vancouver (the site is real but his building won’t be built). “It looks great!”, says the wife who knows nothing about architecture 🙂 . I am seriously the proudest wife! The last several years of our life have revolved around his never-ending school schedule/projects and being able to see the end in sight is such a great feeling! (So many exclamation points in this paragraph and yes, they’re all necessary.)

I’m excited to be moving into the 3rd trimester. Every now and then it hits me that he’ll be here before we know it. This is really exciting but there is so much to do before he gets here. We’ve put off a lot of the baby shopping due to Mike needing to focus all his energy on his final project.  Wish him luck–he’ll be done soon!



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