Zak turns 10!

Z-Man turned 10! I know he’s not my son but these are the times I want to remember.

Since I am now late posting this, his birthday was on March 27.

He kept reminding us what a big deal this was. He said, “I’m turning a double digit…that’s a big deal! The next time you add a digit is when you turn 100 and most people don’t make it that long.” Good point buddy! You’re right, it is a big deal!

He decided not to have a big friends party but instead just do pizza and cake with his family. He had dinner with his other cousins/family on Sunday. He even made tye-dye cupcakes for them! (He started taking a cake decorating class at school–I’m actually really excited about this as I want to learn to make beautiful, fancy cakes.)

I have only this one blurry picture from the night. Z still doesn’t like to look at the camera :/


I am glad he’s learned to like Hawaiian pizza–really, I’m glad he’s learned to like more than just cheese pizza. But let’s be honest, bread sticks for the win!

We sang. Ate chocolate molten lava cake. Played several rounds of apples to apples (Disney version of course-a family favorite). Called it a night and went to bed.

Happy Birthday Bug! I was there the day you were born and I can’t believe how big and mature you’ve become. You make me laugh and smile every day with your weird and quirky jokes. I’m glad you love my dog and let him sleep in your bed at night. Thanks for being a good big brother to your sister. And I can’t wait for you to make millions and pay me back for all food you’ve eaten in my house 🙂

Love you,

Aunt Jessie


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