Sea World, Orlando — 2016

Mike and I were able to visit Sea World Orlando while visiting Florida. We’ve visited before but always enjoy the park.

We decided to feed some of the animals. First, we got to feed the sting rays.  Here’s the grub!


Mike showed no fear!

And the string rays ate it up! They’re fun to feed because they suck up the food like a slippery

Jessie’s turn!


We also got to feed the sea lions and seals. As usual there were super aggressive bird waiting to snatch your fingers off all to get the fish. We love the sea lions and they remind us of our dog Boston–is that weird?


Dolphins are my favorite. They are such kind and gentle animals. I also love their ability to interact with us humans.


Mike loves the killer whale show. They truly are beautiful animals.


No big deal–just a walrus doing sit ups! I was impressed.


We also got to feed the sharks but it wasn’t that exciting because you just threw the fish in the water and watched the sting rays eat them. There was also a boy who knocked our tray into the exhibit! He didn’t apologize or anything.


The manatees are also a favorite. All the manatees at Sea World Orlando are all rescues. They rehabilitate and release the ones they can.


We also love the roller coasters in Orlando. We especially love the Manta!

It was a great few days spent walking around and being amazed by some of God’s greatest creatures.


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