Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2016

We went to Florida for Mike’s fall break. We were delayed a day due to Hurricane Matthew but we’re grateful we were still able to go. We weren’t sure what we’d be flying into as there was just a hurricane, but we didn’t notice anything too out of place.


We splurged and attended Mickey’s Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World. We haven’t attended the Halloween party before and albeit expensive we were so glad we went! It was the best day of our vacation (yes, we’re biased–we absolutely love Disney).


We couldn’t get into the park until 4 PM so we hit up Disney Springs for the first part of our day.



We love walking around the ginormous World of Disney store–it’s seriously the biggest store! Full of everything Disney an addict could possibly want.


We also found the best pizza place! It’s called Blaze Pizza. You can pick your crust, cheese and toppings–all for one price! We absolutely love pizza and love creating our own.

Look how happy Mike is watching his custom pizza be made!


The finished product! Yum! Both were equally delicious but mine (the white one) was a little bit more delicious. 🙂


We also got a delicious lemonade — we can’t remember what was in it. We’re thinking maybe a pomegranate lemonade. Regardless, we drank and ate until we were stuffed. The best part was we had leftovers to pack with us into the park.

After filling up, we headed over to the Magic Kingdom.


We had some extra time so we took the ferry. The ferry also offers a great view of the castle. As you move across the water, the castle becomes bigger and it’s quite the sight. Everyone crowds the front of the ferry to get the best view.

Once we got inside the park we were off. We had a lot to do before the party started. We lucked out and saw the train come into the Main Street station so we hopped on it, took a short ride to Frontierland, and hopped off. Within 5 minutes being in the park we were on Splash Mountain –thank you Fast Pass +.

We ran around riding rides and we also met the talking Mickey. No joke–he speaks! And he speaks your language! How cool is that? We only speak English so we went with English. He was fun and personable in a “I-only-say-a-handful-of-phrases” sort of way 🙂

A  few pictures of Main Street before the party started.

There is so much going on for the party–character greetings, parades, trick-or-treating, fireworks, castle shows, and the Hocus Pocus show. We ran as fas as we could. We left with pounds of candy!

Ok–This is not a picture of candy but I can’t leave the park without an amazing caramel apple! Doesn’t it look like a sugar coma with all those sprinkles?!



Along the way we also did a few character greetings. We were disappointed in the fact that the character lines moved so slowly. Then right as it was almost your turn, they would leave for their break. But we did get to meet some people and took pictures of others we didn’t want to stand in line for.

We managed our time so we could watch the parade twice! It was that good! Great music with lots of villains out and about.

My favorite part of the night happened at the very end. The Hocus Pocus show. It was nothing short of fantastic! The Sanderson sisters and oodles more villains! Apparently I only took videos though and no pictures. Maybe when Mike uploads his photos, he’ll have one I can snag one and add it.

We had such a great evening at the park and it truly felt magical. As always, Disney did not disappoint. We got one last spooky picture in front of the train station.


The headless horseman lead the parade and it was one of the coolest things I’ve seen. And one more…we’re cheap so I didn’t buy it but alas the screen shot!



Good night Neverland!



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