Girl’s Day Out — Park City 2016

Once a year, we –the ladies of the office– take a day off and have fun at the Park City Mountain Resort. This year we went in early October and the day turned out quite perfectly.



We start the day off by stuffing our faces full of delicious Mexican food served by the same grouchy waitress as last year. We even splurged and got fancy virgin margaritas. Sorry no pictures were taken as the food was gone before I could take one.

After growing an inch in the belly, we then go cascading down the mountain on various contraptions. We started off the the Alpine Coaster. It’s essentially an mini-individual-roller coaster. You can share your tiny seat with another person, but we (or maybe just me) simply can’t fit two people after all that yummy food.


After getting told you can’t bring your purse or any loose article and being asked to leave it out in the open for any dishonest person to steal (sorry Eileen),  you strap on your seatbelt and off you go!


The track pulls you up the mountain. It’s actually very relaxing and great opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountainside in Fall.


Once at the top, you get the A-OK to go and you start your descent. Release the brake and enjoy the ride! It’s over so fast but not too fast that you don’t get in some good, fun screams! Oh and sometimes you break the rules and record the whole ride down and smile to the camera while holding your phone–in my defense I didn’t know this was a rule.


Look how happy we all are after surviving the tiny seats with our very full bellies.

This is the crew–Ana, Abbi, Linda, Me, Laureen, Eileen, Tina, Jessica and the one and only Gina. (She’s my boss and she’s the greatest). Oh and Eileen’s purse was still sitting there out in the open, not stolen. 🙂


Next we headed to the Alpine Slide–the best part of this is cramming onto the ski lift and enjoying hilarious stories as told by my great coworkers. It’s seriously a great 20 minute ride.

Once at the top, you have to quickly hop off the ski lift and run out of the way. Then you’re handed your sled and you start a long walk while dragging  your heavy sled.


I’m always proud when we have pulled our sleds to the starting line. Maybe next year I shouldn’t eat as much food and the long ascent will feel easier?


Bare trees can only mean that Fall is here and winter is coming. 😦


All lined up and ready to go! For the slide you go down on at a time and you are in control of your speed. The track is just like a big slide so if you go too fast you fly off the track so you have to watch the turns.

I have also dreamed of being a bobsledder. Since this is probably as close as I’ll get to attaining that far fetched dream–I really try to imagine I’m in a bobsled, cruising down the icy track. Except I hate the snow and cold weather so I’d have to join the Jamaican bobsled team for any future success.


No “Girl’s Day Out” could ever be official without eating some ice cream at some point. We found this froyo shop in a local grocery store. (Sorry everyone for the terrible picture but it’s all I got).

See that TV screen in the background? It appeared they took a picture of everyone who has ever had their froyo. So the lady who owned the store insisted she take our picture to be added to her shrine. She had little success so after too-many-to-count attempts, her son came and took the picture.


This day is always one to look forward to. Not only do we eat yummy food and do fun activities, but hanging out with the girls is so memorable. Spending the day up in our beautiful Utah mountains is a relaxing way to enjoy the day off and a change in the seasons.

Thanks ladies for being awesome and letting me giggle the day away with you.


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