Puppy Pool Time!!

Utah lake has been quite sick this year. I think it started with a pocket here and there of illness and then it became the full blown yuckiness. The lake has had a blue algae– now this doesn’t sound so bad, maybe even sound pretty…but it’s not. It’s toxic! And it was so bad that they shut down the lake.

This has made for one sad Boston. He’s a natural born swimmer. Really, he took to the water like a you’d expect a duck to take to water. Side note–he especially likes the water when it’s full of ducks. Each summer we’ve taken him swimming multiple times at this little pond/lake. But given the wide spread nature of the TOXIC algae, it just wasn’t worth the risk.

We were so excited when we saw that the Provo Rec Center was hosting a dog swim day. The regular, human season had ended so prior to draining the pools they invited all the puppies to come and play. Even though we had a ton going on, we made it a priority to go.


We got stopped in the parking-the very full parking lot-by a human patron and he asked us what was going on with all the dogs. It should have felt more strange to explain that we were all there to pay for our dogs to swim in the human pool. But when you love your pup, you let go of some dignity in these situations.


It was a blast! Boston was so excited when we unleashed him. He would run around and say hi to the other pups and then realize he had lost his parents and start searching the humans for us. (Yes, I attribute human characteristic to my pup…remember that whole dignity thing?)


He spent most of his time swimming in the small pool where the slides came out. I think the event provided dog toys for us to throw in the water for the dogs to fetch. At least I hope it was the event or else we constantly were stealing someone’s dog toys.


Boston seemed so happy and really didn’t want to leave. We tried 3 times to leave and eventually had to leash him up to let him know we were serious. It was great to see him in his natural swimming state in the man-made swimming pool. It really wore him out. He was pooped. 🙂


Cute sleeping puppy!


They said this will be an annual event and you can be sure that we’ll be there, in line, paying for our dog to swim in the human pool. 🙂


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