Blog posts coming soon to a device near you…

We’ve been talking about starting this blog for months. Now that it’s officially begun, I’m trying to figure out how to categorize and organize the plethora of thoughts going on inside my head. Jessie is on top of her running experiences and posts about the dog, and is beginning to compile some posts about our most recent trip to Disney World.

Up until this point in our marriage, we have been pretty terrible when it comes to keeping records of the experiences we have had. For me personally, keeping a journal has never been something I’ve been good at.SAM_5789

We have done a lot in the last 5 1/2 years, and we literally have a folder on our computer with a bazillion photos in it that do nothing but hide there. Those photos are lonely and want to be shown, so hopefully as we keep writing, more of them get to be released and experience the freedom the exists outside of the lonesome hard-drive.

Part of me wants to look through everything we have done together and write a long post just summarizing events, vacations, celebrations etc., all in retrospect. Unfortunately we have probably lost memory of the “fine” details of those experiences, but hopefully our photos will help us remember the highlights.

What I don’t want to do is spend all my time playing catch up. Life is happening so fast, that I don’t want to miss out on the present just so i can reflect on the past. I guess I have to find a good balance in life as I reflect on my history, take advantage of NOW, and plan for the future.

So with all of that said, what I plan to do is write whatever is on my mind, when I have the time. Some posts will be reflection, others about current events, and then some about hopes and dreams for the future.

I don’t know who out there is going to read this, but I mostly want to keep a record of my life that I can look back on every now and then. I’m also excited that I might be able to help others in some way, by something I write. My life has been full of the good, bad and everything in between so hopefully my posts can help others- especially my friends and family- get to know me better and understand what it is that I enjoy, believe in, and live for.

Jessie and I are finding everyday that we are interested in all sorts of different things. Between the two of us we cover a lot of ground. While our individual blog posts may have some common themes, I don’t know that I’ll be writing about, let’s say, running, anytime soon. At the same time, I don’t think Jessie will be writing about architecture and design, or what she wants to see
done in the backyard. Ultimately this blog is going to cover all sorts of random topics, because that’s just who we are.

So this is where I begin. I’ve cleared the cobwebs out of my head and can begin to focus on the fun stuff. Hopefully you enjoy reading it and getting to know me a little better. I promise not all my posts will be endless text and only a few photos;)SAM_5919



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