The Boston Files: Meet Boston!

Meet our favorite pup Boston!


We didn’t quite understand the adventure we were starting when we decided to get a puppy but we’ve enjoyed having him join our family. Like all good family members, he has multiple nicknames. Boss. Boss-man. Dog. Jerk. Puppy. Buddy. Bubba. Bostonian. Just to name a few. ūüôā Look at those eyes!

2014-05-19 11.50.25_Edit 01

Boston is a pure-bred chocolate lab. He came to our family as a wee pup at 8 weeks old. Isn’t he the cutest?! Every time we look at his puppy pictures we start thinking we need to get another one…until we remember all the lost clothing, furniture, kitchen items, dignity as you run around the neighborhood chasing a puppy…you get the idea. ¬†But he sure was fun; even Maddie loved him at this stage!

2014-05-13 12.17.59

You can expect to see random pictures of Boston all over the blog. He’s got such a fun loving personality — yes we talk about him as if he’s our child. He’s spoiled and we know it. And he knows it.


He’s currently 2 years old and weighs in at a whopping 80 pounds! He still, and probably always will, believe he’s a lap dog.


He loves his people and hates being separated from us. He can often be found sitting on our deck or in the windowsill looking out the window waiting for the people to return.


This pup loves riding in the Jeep! Look how little he was! Yes, he still has ginormous paws.

2014-06-16 18.34.50


One of his new favorite habits is to find a stinky sock after we get out of bed and gently chew on it — usually Mike’s ¬†because I don’t have stinky socks:) He has crazy amounts of energy. We do our best to exercise him so he’ll go sleepy sleepy at night.

2014-06-21 12.55.22_Edit 01

He’s a great retriever, loves playing catch.fetch, and takes tug-of-war¬†very¬†seriously–like rip-your-arm-out-of-your-shoulder serious.


Despite all the embarrassing moments we’ve had, we wouldn’t trade him for anything. We love our Boston.¬†Mostly, we love his snuggles and kisses..again with the Sneak Attack!


Any pet owners personify their pets? 

How do you exercise your dog to get out all their energy?



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