The Running Miles: TIMP Half Marathon

This past Saturday, July 30, 2016 I ran the TIMP half marathon. It was exciting/beautiful/hot and like all races anxiety inducing.  It’s the first time I have run this course and it didn’t disappoint. American Fork Canyon is breath taking especially with the sun rising!

I was too busy standing in the porta-potty lines to catch a photo at the starting line. I love the beginning of races because they are so full of energy and optimism. I didn’t have a goal pace/time (I haven’t been training) so I just wanted to run based on how I felt.


I didn’t know it at the starting line but I packed my fast legs! I love it when those guys show up. I use the term fast but I quickly learned when doing long-distance racing the term “fast” is completely relative. What’s fast or slow to me is completely different for everyone–this is one thing I love about racing. It’s never about beating other racers, it’s about beating myself and proving to myself that I can get better, faster, and conquer the mental demons.

File_000 (1)

Since I didn’t have any long training runs under my belt, I didn’t have great expectations. I found myself being pessimistically optimistic. My mantra –the phrase I kept repeating to myself– was “You know you’re going to tank, so make it as far as you can before you die”. Optimistic right? Each mile that I didn’t tank/die/hate running fueled the next one. It was AMAZING!

We came out of the canyon around mile 7 which left 5 ish miles to the finish line.  I felt strong and in control. I had several thoughts at this point. “The sun is coming out soon and you want to be done before it bakes your skin” or “They’ve got creamies at the finish line and you need to get there before they run out”. All great motivating factors if you ask me. But the best motivator of all was knowing that I was doing it–I was racing strong, fueling smart, and this whole muscle memory thing really is a thing. My body was responding to things I was asking it to do.


At mile 11.5 ish I started getting a major side stitch. I figured the lack of training and coming down the canyon fast was catching up to me. But I told myself to keep going because I had come so far and didn’t want to quit. I finished with an official time of 1:59:51! Sub 2! Thank goodness for a nice kick at the end–thanks to my track coach who taught me this life skill. This isn’t a PR for me but I’m very happy with the outcome of the race.

File_000 (2)

Check out that medal! It’s huge! Zak and Maddie were convinced I won first place because it was gold–like a good aunt, I didn’t correct them 🙂 PS the Olympics are just around the corner!! Yea!!

Be prepared for some pictures of Boston in each post doing what Boston does best–being himself! We love this dog and his goofy personality.


Here’s us in the Jeep with the pup. He loves when Zak sits in the middle so he can use him as his personal head rest. If you can’t tell, Zak loves it too 🙂


The Sneak Attack! Works every time Boss!

Anyone else run a race that went way better than expected?

Any animal owners who secretly love the sneak attack?


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